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Michael H. Hoppe, Ph.D. Publishes White Paper

Executive Development: Something Is Still Missing. Understanding the role of culture in executive coaching.

Michael H. Hoppe, Ph.D., a member-owner of AvoLead LLC has published a white paper entitled Executive Development: Something Is Still Missing. A seasoned researcher, facilitator and executive coach, Dr. Hoppe writes, “Our work as executive coaches is still missing an essential ingredient. This ingredient is a full appreciation of the societal or cultural context in which our executive development work takes place.”

Following years of research, Dr. Hoppe shares his views on the importance of executive coaches and other leadership development professionals to act on the need to understand, embrace, and incorporate culture into their leadership development work. He writes, “We must become as knowledgeable and competent about the cultural level of analysis as we are about the individual and organizational level.” He then outlines three critical steps towards reaching this goal.

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Michael H. Hoppe, Ph.D.

Michael H. Hoppe, Ph.D.

About The Author

Michael H. Hoppe, Ph.D. serves AvoLead clients as program facilitator and executive coach. Life experience in a variety of cultures, leadership development expertise gained within a world-class business institute, and extensive research led to his participation in the largest cross-cultural leadership study, ever. All prepared him to provide AvoLead clients with practical, innovative and culturally calibrated solutions to leadership challenges. Read complete bio here.