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Can Big Companies Save Innovation?

In his post on the HBR Blog Network yesterday, Scott Anthony, managing director of Innosight, Asia-Pacific and author of The Little Black Book of Innovation, refers to his latest Harvard Business Review article, “The New Corporate Garage.” He argues that, “we’re transitioning into a new age where forward-thinking corporations that blend entrepreneurial behaviors with existing capabilities can have massive impact.”

Rather than seeing large companies as the problem, Anthony cites several case studies as evidence that, “although it might seem counterintuitive, large companies are where the innovation action will be.” He describes some of the advantages that giants like Syngenta, IBM, Unilever and Medtronic have over start-ups in championing innovation today. He also discusses the role of what he terms “corporate catalysts,” mission-driven leaders motivated by the desire to solve big — often global — problems.

Read Anthony’s thought provoking post and the complete article here.

What are your thoughts? Where do you see innovation taking place now and in the near future? And, how can we prepare leaders to become corporate catalysts?