‘Stealth Coaching’ by AvoLead Senior Consultant, Rob Kramer

StealthCoaching.RobKramerRob Kramer, AvoLead LLC Senior Consultant is the author of the new book, Stealth Coaching: Everyday Conversations for Extraordinary Results.

Rob writes, “In this age of diverse, innovative, and knowledge-based workers, contemporary tools are needed to retain current talent and develop future leaders. Coaching has emerged as a primary instrument for this need. The challenge lies in how it is applied. Oftentimes traditional formalized coaching, used during performance reviews or as a means to give corrective feedback, is met with resistance by the very people it is intended to help.

When released from its conventional use, however, coaching becomes an easily accessible tool to catalyze individual and organizational performance. The framework outlined in Stealth Coaching provides an informal, everyday process to use in daily conversations where real work occurs: between meetings, when people drop by the office, during lunch, or in the hallway. Being stealthful transforms coaching into an effective method to use routinely with staff, peers, and even superiors. Leaders cannot afford not to add this important tool to their toolbox.”

Published just last month, the book is available on Amazon here.

Read more about Rob here.


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