Succession Planning

Succession planning: it’s not just for CXOs anymore.

If you think succession planning is limited to the C-suite, you are depriving the rest of your organization of the benefits from this proven management strategy. Similar to talent management, the goal of succession planning is to ensure that your organization has a constant supply of talented individuals ready to fill key leadership positions when they are vacated or created as a result of business and market changes.

In a business world characterized by transition, succession planning is no longer a luxury.

Originally related to the question of how the leadership of a family business would be passed on to the next generation, succession management has evolved to include every level of the organization today. The impending retirement of the baby boomers, global market instability and other factors make succession planning a necessity for organizations looking to survive in a business world characterized by constant change.

Business succession planning can turn an unexpected management change into a strategic competitive advantage.

When a succession-planning model is effective, the net result is an organization that is able to deploy necessary talent when it’s needed, avoiding the business disruption that can be caused by the sudden departure of a key management executive. Organizations with strategic succession plans can also quickly deploy talent to take advantage of market shifts and new opportunities. While most companies would agree there are advantages to having this model in place, many admit that they don’t have the time and resources to devote to the succession planning process. This is where AvoLead can help.

Our experienced succession planning consultants bring wisdom gained from decades spent in key executive positions at companies of all sizes and industries. As former CXOs and senior level management executives ourselves, we partner with you to apply industry best practices to develop a succession plan that will give your company the competitive advantage of consistent leadership in a world of inconsistency. At AvoLead, we know succession planning can greatly enhance your organization’s effectiveness, especially in times of transition when stable leadership is needed at every level of the organization. Let us put our knowledge to work for your organization today.