Performance Management Systems

What do you want from your performance management system?

Are you trying to improve employee productivity and job satisfaction? Maybe improving retention and decreasing turnover is your goal. Would you like to increase customer satisfaction and the quality of products and services? These are just a few of the questions that organizational leaders should ask themselves when evaluating performance-based management strategies.

If those questions are vexing, try this one: Can your current human performance system truly impact those areas of your business? If the answer is “no” (or “I don’t know”), then it’s time to step back and reevaluate your system. Clarifying what you want from your performance management system is the first step to identifying whether you are actually achieving anything with it. AvoLead can help.

Effective performance management is more than reviews and raises.

AvoLead’s experienced organizational effectiveness advisors know that effective performance-based management assists with meeting short and long-term business performance goals. If your company thinks giving annual reviews and raises is performance-based management, your employees and your organization are missing out.

Misguided incentive structures can also impede the effectiveness of your performance management system. For example, rewarding your sales staff for signing on new clients is counter-productive to a strategic goal of increasing business from existing customers by twenty percent. An external consultant can often see these blind spots more quickly than those who create or benefit from incentive structures.

AvoLead can help you keep your eye on the real prize: achieving strategic goals.

At AvoLead, our primary goal in any organizational effectiveness initiative is to help you keep your efforts aligned with your company’s mission, core values and strategic goals. A strong performance management system is integrated with Talent Management to consider every phase of an individual’s journey through the organization as an opportunity for development and improving performance.

From the new hire orientation during onboarding to the exit interview, effective corporate performance management utilizes each opportunity to assess, assist, motivate and reward performance. As your partner, AvoLead will help you implement performance management training and systems that will enable you to reach strategic goals while providing measurable ROI along the way.

If you believe you could be getting more from your corporate performance management system, it’s time for a new approach. AvoLead’s experienced advisors in performance management training and consulting will work with you to create the system that’s right for your organization.