Is your employee onboarding process as good as it could be?

On average, the time for new external hires to achieve full productivity ranges from eight weeks for clerical jobs, to 20 weeks for professionals, and up to more than 26 weeks for executives.* Getting a new employee up to full productivity as fast as possible is the goal of every corporate employee onboarding process.

How quickly and how well your onboarding process accomplishes this depends on three factors:

  • The quality and efficiency of the overall new hire process
  • The quality and efficiency of the onboarding process
  • The people who implement the onboarding experience

An effective onboarding checklist considers the needs of the individual and the organization.

A key component of onboarding process development at AvoLead is creating a customized checklist. Working from a well-designed onboarding checklist ensures consistency and quality of the new hire process, which is critical for the new hire and the organization. When the onboarding checklist includes items that go beyond immediate job responsibilities, the organization communicates to the new hire that he or she is valued for more than just the job skill set.

Making a new employee feel safe and valued right away can set the pace for how quickly that employee settles in and starts to effectively absorb all that there is to learn. This is important as it directly impacts how soon he or she can start being effective in the new role, and that can set the tone for the entire experience at your company.

The results of effective onboarding include:

  • Increased productivity
  • Enhanced job satisfaction
  • Greater employee engagement
  • Increased employee retention

Upgrade your employee onboarding process with AvoLead.

With onboarding consulting from AvoLead, your organization and every new employee will benefit from our expertise in onboarding strategies and process development. AvoLead advisors have the experience to help you avoid common onboarding mistakes and make the most of this important talent management process. Create an onboarding experience that will be as good for your organization as it is for your new hire. Partner with AvoLead.

*Source: Williams, R. (2003). Mellon learning curve research study. New York: Mellon Corp.