High Potential to High ActualTM

How effective is your employee development process for your top performers? Are High Potentials getting what they need?

Successful companies recognize the cost and time savings associated with promoting from within. Of the 11 companies featured in Jim Collin’s book Good to Great for achieving above-normal returns over a 15-year period, only one appointed its CEO from outside the company. If your company tends to look outside for new executive talent, you may be missing out on a more cost-effective and successful method of filling your company’s leadership pipeline.

In addition to increasing your talent pool,
a high potential development plan increases loyalty to your organization.

Just as high potential product ideas are identified and singled out for more intensive R&D, individuals who show promise early in their career should be singled out by organizations for high potential development and training. These high potentials are rewarded with more frequent promotions and additional responsibilities. High potential employee development is definitely a win-win situation and a good investment in your organization and your top performers.

An effective high potential development process will:

  • Ensure the quantity and quality of talented individuals being retained and promoted within your ranks
  • Increase company loyalty among those who have the most opportunity to work elsewhere

Without a strategy, how will you meet your top employees’ development goals?

Today the amount of time allowed for a high potential to become a high actual is continually being compressed, placing increasing pressure on an organization to keep this talent pipeline full. A shrinking work force combined with fast-moving markets and changing business demands has created a greater need for high performing executives and leadership talent than ever before.

AvoLead’s experienced consultants partner with you to create an employee development strategy that will identify high potentials and match them with appropriate mentors within your company. Our expertise in high potential development will ensure that your employee development efforts stay aligned with your organization’s mission, goals and values. We can increase the effectiveness of your employee development process, ensuring a well-prepared supply of talented and motivated individuals ready and able to keep your business ahead of the competition. Make sure your high potentials and your organization get what they need. Get AvoLead.