Organizational Culture

Is your organizational culture working for you?

Pretend your organization is a person. Now describe that person in 10 adjectives or less. Can you do it? For example, you could describe Google as young, progressive, high tech, unconventional, innovative, diverse, high energy, casual, fun and successful. Their organizational culture has attracted some of the best talent in the world and kept the company’s stock price very high in the worst market since the Great Depression.

Organizational culture is an
organization’s personality.

None of these descriptors are anywhere to be found in Google’s mission statement – to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful – yet they tell you much more about this organization as a business partner and a place to work. There may be a variety of reasons why describing your organization is challenging: growth, downsizing, a merger or acquisition to name a few. If you’ve experienced significant change of any kind, it might be time for an organizational culture assessment.

Organizational culture should reflect an organization’s values and goals.

Often a shift in the culture becomes necessary when aspects of the culture no longer support the organization’s reasons for existing. An organizational culture assessment can tell you whether or not your current culture supports your company’s mission, values and goals. An experienced organizational culture consultant, like AvoLead, can help you develop a strategy to get things back on track.

In light of its powerful role, organizational culture should be considered in every change decision.

Hiring, taking on a new segment of customers or introducing a new product – if any of these decisions are made without considering your company’s organizational culture, chances of success associated with those decisions are compromised. When company growth or market shifts call for big changes, guidance from experienced organizational effectiveness partners at AvoLead can help you make the right choices for future success.

Organizational culture change is an immense undertaking with equally immense benefits when designed and implemented with great skill.
If you think just describing your company’s organizational culture is challenging, think about trying to change it. The magnitude of this type of change initiative requires experience, expertise and support. The benefits it will bring to your organization are well worth it. In their book The Future of Human Resource Management, Losey, Meisinger and Ulrich note that culture drives behavior and that 46% of a business’ financial performance results from corporate culture. As former entrepreneurs and business leaders, AvoLead’s experienced advisors have lived through and led organizational change. Our experience makes us the best partner for your next big cultural change initiative.
We can help you:

  • Understand your current culture and assess its status
  • Identify what in your culture is contributing to your organizational effectiveness
  • Orchestrate necessary culture change

Think your organizational culture could be doing more for your business? It might be time for a change. Look to AvoLead for the organizational culture assessment, development and leadership you need to make your organizational culture support your strategic goals.