Michael H. Hoppe, Ph.D.

AvoLead Member Owner

  • Board Certified Coach
  • Program Design
  • Author Researcher
  • Chapel Hill NC, USA


  • English
  • German

Michael serves AvoLead clients as program facilitator and executive coach. Life experience in a variety of cultures, leadership development expertise gained within a world-class business institute and extensive research leading to his participation in the largest-ever cross-cultural leadership study, all prepared him to provide AvoLead clients with practical, innovative and culturally calibrated solutions to leadership challenges.

Early in his professional career, Michael served in the military in Germany, as a school principal in Greece and as Assistant Director of the Salzburg Seminar in American and International Studies in Austria. Since emigrating to the U.S. in 1979, he has devoted his professional life to organizational development consulting, leadership development design and facilitation, cross-cultural research and executive coaching.

A senior faculty member and Certified Coach at the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) since the early 1990s, Michael is certified in numerous self-assessment and 360° feedback instruments. At CCL, Michael designed, managed and delivered a wide range of programs for business leaders, from first-time supervisors to C-suite executives. As an executive coach, he has worked intensively with a wide variety of businessmen and women.

Michael was the first to replicate Geert Hofstede’s groundbreaking 1970s study on cross-cultural differences in business-related values. He later served as U.S. co-country investigator for the Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior Effectiveness project, a 62-nation, 11-year research effort. Michael collected the U.S. data for the project and is lead author of “Leadership in the U.S.A.: The Leader as Cultural Hero” in the second volume of findings (Chhokar et al., Culture and Leadership Across the World, 2007). Among his many other publications is “The Effects of National Culture on the Theory and Practice of Managing R&D Professionals Abroad” (R&D Management, 1993), which won the Industrial Paper of the Year award.

Michael holds a M.S. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Munich, a M.S. in Educational Psychology and Statistics from the State University of New York at Albany and a Ph.D. in Adult Education and Institutional Studies from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Although Michael has retired from full-time work, he continues to serve AvoLead clients and remains an adjunct faculty member at CCL. He lives with his wife in North Carolina and loves to fish, travel and read.

What clients have said to Michael about their experience with him:

“Over the last several months, both in person and by telephone, I have spent perhaps seven hours with Michael dealing with areas of personal development. I have been extremely pleased on all fronts. Prior to our first encounter, he had extensively done his “homework” on me… He quickly set and always maintained a proper, safe stage for our communications, and we immediately developed a dialogue that flowed easily. His insights were, quite frankly, rather profound, but were always presented in a nonjudgmental manner. He helped me develop a clearly measureable and realistic method for following my progress. Subsequent to our time together, I would say that his approach and the insights gained have been of great benefit to me and, consequently, to my organization.” –Director, Medical Office

“Mr. Hoppe is a compassionate and friendly coach, who puts you at ease and makes you feel as if your shortcomings are truly opportunities for growth. When I met with him as my coach at CCL, he was able to communicate with me in a practical manner, which I believe, gave me a better and more credible understanding to implement more specific ideas and tools. Our follow-up discussions were productive and built on my initial interactions with Mr. Hoppe. Since then, I have put Mr. Hoppe’s suggestions into good use and gained more self-awareness of my leadership style and its impact on others. My leadership ability has been enhanced from my experiences at CCL and with Mr. Hoppe as evidenced by the alignment of me and my team and my companies’ improved effectiveness and performance. Based on Mr. Hoppe’s engaging style, good listening skills and his sincerity, I suspect he would connect well with anyone. He also made me feel like he was invested in my success, which was accomplished in a relatively short period of time.” –President, International Environmental Management Company

“Michael was very individually focused, took his time, listened, and was specific, very friendly, and supportive.” –Director of International Marketing, Pharmaceutical Industry