Leonard Liu

Client Engagement Director, Master of The Leadership Challenge

  • Client Engagement Director
  • Master of The Leadership Challenge
  • Beijing, China


  • Mandarin
  • English

Leonard serves AvoLead clients as a leadership development consultant and an executive coach. He has over 21 years’ experience in corporate training, talent development, and organization develop-ment. Leonard is known for teaching and implementing leadership frameworks into organizations.

Leonard participated in more than 100 consulting projects for large multinational companies, the Chinese Government, European Union, United Nations, British Council, British Embassy, and others. The projects are related to people capacity building, organization change and development, leadership assessment for development. He facilitates 80 plus days of training every year on Leadership, Creativity and Problem Solving, and Team Building.

From 1994 to 1997 Leonard was the Regional Training Consultant of Motorola China. Leonard participated in many training and certificate programs delivered by Motorola University, Northwest University, Pennsylvania State University, Beijing University and Nankai University.

Leonard introduced The Leadership Challenge Workshop (LPI) to China in 2006. Based on Kouzes and Posner’s best selling book, this program is regarded as one of the most powerful programs in leadership development. Leonard became the first Master Trainer in China in 2007. He has certified over 150 trainers in mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong since 2011.

During his training and consulting career, Leonard set up a team with 15 people from China, Britain, Germany, Malaysia and France to provide training and consulting services to multinational companies, private businesses, SOEs and NGOs. Consulting fields include training and development, employee career planning, performance management, leadership assessment and development, change management, organizational culture and leadership development, etc.

Leonard lives in Beijing with his wife and daughter. He enjoys horseback riding, skiing, and a lot of outdoor sports. He is the founder of Key Consulting Ltd., well-known leadership training and consulting firm in China.