Mergers and Acquisitions

Ever felt the rush of a successful merger and acquisition?

It doesn’t compare to the sting of post-merger integration failure.
With the number of mergers and acquisitions taking place in today’s volatile financial and business climate, you might be surprised to learn than only one-third of U.S. mergers actually succeed*. To those of us who work with executives in transition, it’s not surprising at all.

Much like those career transitions, the transition from pre-merger leader to post-merger integrator requires a whole new skill set for the individual executive and the new organization. This begins with a new and corporately shared perspective on what qualifies as success. Many executives and M&A teams are adept at the technical side of merger and acquisition issues. Far too many underestimate the differentiating impact that planning for the human side of change has on a successful merger.

When it comes to mergers and acquisitions, your speed-to-integration drives your speed to success

Once the deal is struck it’s all about action and you don’t have time to waste on culture clashes and misaligned rollout of decisions. Clearly communicating the shared values and strategic goals driving the decisions will lessen uncertainty for all key stakeholders –especially the employees on whom you rely for your success.

If you don’t have time to do it right, you’d better have time to do it over.

We didn’t coin this phrase, but as individual and organizational effectiveness advisors, we use it a lot. Unfortunately, a “do over” is rarely possible in the case of a poorly executed post-merger integration strategy.

Get it right the first time with the help of the right partner.
With AvoLead on your M & A team, you get the expertise of former successful senior executives and organizational development professionals. With help from our experienced advisors, your new management team they will quickly begin developing and practicing the post-acquisition skills they need, increasing your organization’s chances of success the first time around.

AvoLead’s experienced M & A advisors will help you develop a post-merger integration strategy that will quickly:

  • Find common ground between the players
  • Identify core values of the new company
  • Create a unified mission statement —the most practical document in your new arsenal
  • Develop practical strategies for applying your mission and core values to key strategic decisions throughout the post acquisition integration process

Increase the odds that your merger integration will BEAT the odds. Put AvoLead on your M & A team.

* Strategic Management Research Center,