Planning and Execution

Could your strategic initiative planning and management be improved?

Determining the strategic initiatives necessary to get your organization where it needs to be and managing those initiatives to successful completion are key components of effective long range planning. Are you getting the most value possible out of your planning and execution practices? Do you have an organization-wide methodology and framework in place? Have you invested in the training to make sure your people know how to use it?

Even the best strategic initiative can’t make an impact if it’s planned or managed poorly.

Have you ever seen an innovative supply chain strategy bog down the first time out? How about a million dollar new product roll-out that falls flat and far short of anticipated sales projections? Effective planning based on proven methodology is as important to the success of any strategic initiative as good execution.

In our experience working with companies all over the world, AvoLead’s strategic planning consultants have used this mantra time and time again – if you don’t have time to do it right, you’d better have time to do it over. Taking the time up front to educate people in your organization on a proven strategic planning and management process definitely pays off in the long term.

Your strategic initiative success rate increases when you use the right process.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of strategic initiative planning, you must determine and put into action a methodology and framework that aligns with your organization’s overall mission, values and goals.

At AvoLead, we know from experience that the best initiative planning method for an organization takes the following key factors into consideration:

  • Leadership style and capacity
  • Complexity of the industry
  • Current business environment
  • Culture of the organization
  • Size and location of the organization
  • Future business plans of the enterprise

Once the right strategic planning process is in place, you must give people the skills to use it effectively.

AvoLead can deliver customized interactive group instruction on your strategic initiative planning and management process to audiences of all types and sizes throughout your enterprise. With strategic training from AvoLead, strategically developed initiatives that are well managed become the norm instead of the exception. Partner with AvoLead. We can help you create a high impact strategic planning and execution process that is consistent, relevant and sustainable.