Negotiation Skills

What could better negotiation skills do for your business?

Buying a car, striking a deal with another firm, or vying for budget dollars with colleagues in our company – we all negotiate on a daily basis. For some people negotiation comes easily, but for many it is seen as a source of conflict and something to avoid. Auto manufacturer Saturn® and auto retailer Carmax® both recognized this widespread preference and turned their “no haggle” business model into a competitive advantage. For most of us however, there are still plenty of other things we need to negotiate every day.

Like it or not, we all negotiate constantly, and we could all benefit from being better at it.

We negotiate with partners and friends over where to go to dinner, with kids about which movie to attend or the hour of a curfew. We negotiate with the department store manager who won’t accept a return without a sales receipt. We even negotiate with the dog who will not come inside when we want him to!

Individuals with superior negotiation skills have a direct impact on the success of the business.

In business, individual negotiation skills can mean the difference between success and failure. Every business transaction of major importance starts and ends with a conversation -and negotiation- between two people. When companies invest in improving negotiation techniques and strategies, they ensure people have the skills they need to gain winning results in every conversation, every contract discussion and every agreement made on behalf of the organization.

AvoLead knows that experience is the best teacher when it comes to negotiation.

We can’t be in the conference room with our cameras and coaches when a deal is being made, but we can provide the same intense learning through research-based, proven, experiential learning simulations. AvoLead’s experienced curriculum designers create interactive negotiation skills training programs customized to the specific needs of your organization, team or key individuals.

Through simulation, role-play, videotaping and other interactive exercises, AvoLead’s negotiation skills training classes provide participants insight into their own negotiation style, building on strengths while demonstrating and practicing new skills for greater success.

Typical topics covered in AvoLead negotiation skills training include:

  • Negotiation types/styles
  • Traits of a successful negotiator
  • Strategies for successful negotiations
  • Negotiation tactics and personalities, and how to handle each one
  • Active listening, questioning and the power of silence
  • Power imbalances and how to handle them

Negotiation is a life skill. Ironically, we attend school for many years but most of us never take a course in negotiation. It is not often taught in high school or college or even graduate school. So how do we learn to negotiate? Most of us learn by trial and error. At AvoLead, we’ve developed a faster, more effective way to teach negotiation techniques. Partner with us and see what we’re talking about.