Leadership Resilience

Judo teaches powerful lessons to Leaders facing turbulent times

The Challenge:  Strong Executives, Uncertain Terrain

  • Pressure to deliver results against a backdrop of competing forces
  • Accountability for personal excellence and team results
  • Leveraging resources to address conflicting priorities when demand exceeds supply

The Need:  Tools and know-how to refresh and maintain the effective edge as an individual and as a leader of others

The applied lessons learned in this program about leverage, creating space, and teamwork were invaluable to my employees and to my firm’s success in the marketplace.

The Intervention: Judo for Leaders by a Leader

  • Over a 3-4 hour period, barefoot participants dressed in kimonos work individually and in teams to learn basic judo skills while acquiring powerful metaphors to enhance personal leadership resilience.
  • This is a “come as you are” workshop.  In fact, it is an essential element.  No prior capability in Judo or exceptional physical skills is expected or required.  Safety and success is assured for all ages, fitness levels and abilities in this workshop.
  • While experiencing  physical and mental assets literally, participants will learn to apply that insight to leadership for:
    • sustaining focus
    • creating space separate from the competition
    • acting on intuition
    • leveraging strengths in individual awareness

Your leader: Dr. James Kendrick

James has successfully guided 1000s of managers and executives through this Judo-based experiential leadership development workshop “Leadership Resilience: Leveraging Your Strength in Turbulent Times”.

Combining his high level performance experience as a 6th degree judo black belt and accomplished senior executive with proven methods in strategic leadership, Kendrick creates comfort and challenge for all levels of participants to explore untapped capability.

The Results:

Participants will:

  • increase task-specific confidence directly useful in varied professional situations.
  • learn observation and coaching skills directly useful in the workplace.
  • acquire important focusing skills essential to responsive individuals and high-performing teams.
  • deepen resilience as leaders who are better able to handle setbacks and change.
  • discover powerful self awareness tools that tap reserves of hidden strength essential to the leader’s edge

The Promise

You will not regret the risk you take in challenging yourself and others to new awareness, refreshing and re-framing innate capabilities through skilled exploration of a singularly timeless body of knowledge.

Give Your Leadership Team Members the Edge They Need

This workshop is ideal for 24 participants, but can be customized for your specific needs, circumstances, and space availability. Judo uniforms may be purchased with corporate logo or rented per session.

Call AvoLead today at 919-450-8930 to discuss further details, space/facility needs, options, and pricing.

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