Executive Persuasion

What if every one in your organization was as good at persuasion communication as your sales team?

It’s no secret that professional sales people excel when it comes to executive persuasion. We hire them for this interpersonal skill and their ability to build lasting relationships in the brief windows of time they have to influence busy executives. Persuasion techniques work effectively and quickly to make the person understand what the communicator is saying and feeling in such a way that it motivates them to act. That’s the definition of influence.

Professional sales people use influence to inspire action and commitment from their audience.

So why can’t executives and managers use the same skills to get their people to do what needs to be done? Successful influence motivates people to act with passion and speed. This is why persuasion techniques are so useful to busy executives. When granted an audience with even busier executives, the time they have to effectively communicate is short. The term elevator pitch illustrates the need for this skill. If you can deliver your message in the few seconds it takes an elevator to go from floor to floor in a way that influences someone to take action, that’s effective persuasion communication.

Persuasion communication is the heart of relationship building.

Effective executive persuasion also requires good listening over a meaningful period of time. In order to persuade your audience, you have to dedicate the time to get to know your audience. You have to know who they are and how they hear you. When time is short and the message important, these persuasion communication competencies must be exceptionally well developed.

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