Executive Financial Focus

How would corporate financial training change the way your employees approached their work each day?

If every employee received a daily email summarizing your company’s key financials, would it make a difference in how they prioritized their day? Only if they understood what the summary said! The reality is that many leaders below the C-level understand their own numbers, but have trouble gleaning a basic understanding of how the whole company is doing from corporate financial data. Some senior executives who haven’t had a lot of financial responsibility in their careers feel lost and unable to ask the right questions to help them learn. Entrepreneurs whose companies experience rapid growth can face the same challenges, right alongside their senior team.

Senior management makes daily critical decisions using corporate financial data. What if everyone in the organization had the same big picture view?

Having common goals is a characteristic of highly effective teams. Providing a common understanding of executive finances across the enterprise is another way to keep the organization’s immediate needs and goals in front of everyone. If people understand what this quarter’s sales numbers mean to the company’s overall value, they can make more effective choices about where to spend their time and resources.

Financial training brings greater business understanding and better decisions.

At AvoLead we know that with knowledge comes greater understanding and a keener perspective. To give everyone this mission-critical understanding of corporate finances, we’ve translated the information we use to help senior level executives understand corporate financials into an interactive group learning experience. This customized corporate financial training provides basic but important executive financial understanding and can be delivered to small groups, teams and the entire organization.

AvoLead’s interactive group training on executive finance includes:

  • How to read a Profit and Loss Statement
  • Understanding Basic Finance Terms
    • Earnings
    • ROA, ROI, ROS
    • Gross margin and how to impact it
    • Capital vs. Operating expenses and the importance of each
    • The Cost of Money-borrowing and raising capital
  • The Effect of Time on Money
    • Inflation
    • Present Value
    • Discount Rate
  • How to Research and Understand your Customers’ Financials as Well as Your Own

At AvoLead, our former CXOs, accountants and organizational effectiveness coaches provide practical information that people at all levels of the organization can understand and use. Nothing tells the immediate story of your organization’s overall health better than on-time and accurate executive financial data. AvoLead can help you provide your organization with the appropriate level of executive finance understanding to help everyone stay in touch and aligned with this valuable business perspective.