Emotional Intelligence

Could a lack of Emotional Intelligence be holding your organization back?

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to accurately “read” the reactions of others and use this information to guide our decisions about what to say and do so that others perceive us more positively. Research from UCLA* indicates that only 7% of leadership success is attributable to intellect; 93% of success comes from trust, integrity, authenticity, honesty, creativity, presence and resilience – all characteristics of Emotional Intelligence.

When we build our Emotional Intelligence Quotient, or EQ, we increase our ability to influence others.

All the personal characteristics measured in the UCLA study are improved with effective Emotional Intelligence development. Leaders inspire people to act. Emotional Intelligence leadership training can increase this competency in every person at your organization.

Emotional intelligence development bridges the gap between actual and perceived EQ.

Recent studies** demonstrate that employees at senior levels are more likely to have an inflated view of their emotional intelligence. The importance of emotional intelligence to business performance and the likelihood that senior employees have an inflated view of their own emotional intelligence highlights the need for well developed and well implemented performance management systems that measure emotional competencies.

AvoLead brings this important personal development to the entire organization.

Understanding the personal and professional benefits of increasing Emotional Intelligence to the individual and the organization, AvoLead has taken this leadership development area traditionally reserved for senior leadership and translated it into a comprehensive program. This program can be delivered to individuals, teams or groups in an interactive group training course, bringing the benefits of increased Emotional Intelligence to every level of the organization.

AvoLead’s Emotional Intelligence training includes development of skills in:

  • Intrapersonal EQ/Self Awareness
  • Interpersonal EQ/Relationship Management
  • Emotional Management
  • Leadership EQ
  • Stress Management
  • Resiliency
  • Adaptability

Enhance leadership, teamwork and morale with Emotional Intelligence training from AvoLead.

AvoLead can customize an Emotional Intelligence training program to meet the needs of a few individuals, teams or your entire organization. Our experienced emotional intelligence trainers, facilitators and coaches provide the tools and techniques that help you bring out the best in your organization, making leadership and working as a team more effortless and enjoyable. Give everyone in your organization the life, work and bottom-line enhancing benefits of increased Emotional Intelligence. Partner with AvoLead.

*Cooper and Sawaf, 1996
**Sala, www.eiconsortium.org 2001