How much is ineffective decision-making costing your organization?

It’s costing you more than you might think. Each day, leaders are faced with numerous operational and strategic decisions they must make on their own or as part of a group. You and the other leaders in your organization are where you are today due in part to your ability to make fast, successful decisions.

Decisions made by leaders determine an organization’s success.

Factors that impact decision-making quality are varied and complex. While time is certainly not the only factor that impacts decision-making, it is important, as competitive companies must continue to focus on increasing their speed-to-market. Achieving this agility requires that decision-making be both thorough AND fast.

Old approaches in new environments can limit organizational and personal success.
Even when we think it’s not possible, the pace of business continues to accelerate. With so many demands coming so fast, it is easy to get stuck in familiar approaches to decision-making. Under stress, there is a strong temptation to approach new opportunities and problems with a known but outdated decision-making strategy. Reverting to old decision-making criteria in a radically new business environment can be more than just problematic–it can be devastating to both companies and careers.

So how do you determine if your organization’s decision-making process is effective?
Ask yourself: Are high quality decisions being made at all levels of the organization, or only at the senior level? Quality decisions are often strategic. Implementing an enterprise-wide framework for strategic thinking can dramatically improve the quality of input required for effective decision-making and the impact and consistency of all the decisions made throughout your organization. You can accomplish this through enterprise-wide decision-making training from AvoLead.

Improve decision-making across the enterprise with training from AvoLead.

AvoLead’s experienced strategic planning consultants have the tools and techniques proven to improve the quality of your decision-making process. Our training programs will quickly help your people expand their communication and decision-making skills, giving them the ability to respond faster and more effectively to the steady stream of opportunities and problems coming their way.

Whether you need decision-making training for a few individuals, a team or your whole organization, a customized educational initiative designed and delivered by AvoLead will quickly increase the quality of every decision made at your organization – starting with your decision to partner with us.