Conflict Management

Do your leaders know how to use conflict management to your company’s advantage?

It’s no surprise that most people prefer to avoid conflict or resolve it quickly. The average employee loses almost three productive hours per week due to mismanaged workplace conflict. While quick conflict resolution can certainly be a goal in some situations, healthy conflict is actually desirable and is a hallmark of highly effective leaders and their teams.

Research continually demonstrates that diverse groups generate better outcomes.

Abraham Lincoln understood this truth when he formed his wartime cabinet, a fact recently made famous by the bestselling book, A Team of Rivals. When well-developed strategies for managing conflict are widely practiced by leaders, organizations benefit from improved team effectiveness, clearer communication, enhanced innovation and creativity, and perhaps most importantly, increased trust. Good workplace conflict management is always interwoven with trust. When trust is present, constructive tension is nurtured, making individuals and teams more effective. Effective teams are your competitive advantage.

Too often, leaders mistake questions and differing opinions for conflict.
When conflict is “not allowed,” necessary communication to achieve the best solution is hampered. Good ideas and constructive criticism are held back out of fear. Very different but equally ineffective is the laissez-faire approach to conflict management – when managers see conflict erupt but say nothing. They hope their employees/teams will work through their disagreements or discord on their own, but all the players in these scenarios will invariably be disappointed and unsuccessful.

Savvy leaders know not to leave conflict management to chance. They proactively manage conflict within their teams while modeling personal outstanding conflict management competency. Constructive challenges to ideas, systems and processes are key to a thriving, growing organization. Leaders who excel in nurturing and managing healthy conflict build high functioning teams and are assets to the organization.

AvoLead conflict management training gives your leaders the tools they need to use conflict to your organization’s advantage.

At AvoLead, we know that healthy conflict contributes to effectiveness across the enterprise. It’s why we’ve created conflict management training designed for individuals, teams, or your entire company. In the effort to bring the benefits of healthy conflict to your organization even faster, AvoLead will supplement group conflict management training with individual and team conflict management coaching. Individual coaching and mentoring helps speed the adoption of good conflict resolution strategies and behaviors.

As Jim Collins, the author of Good to Great so eloquently expressed:

Good is the enemy of great… and great results derive from vigorous debate focused on the best organizational outcomes. It takes a skilled confident leader to manage conflict and debate for the good of the organization.

Increase the effectiveness of your leaders and your organization with a comprehensive training program that teaches proven conflict management, resolution and mediation techniques and strategies from AvoLead.