Coach the Coach

Would leadership coaching training make a difference in individual and organizational performance?

What if every person in your organization could successfully motivate and inspire others? From sales to shipping – think about the performance improvements you would see. Investment in executive coaching is on the rise in organizations seeking to address their talent pipeline. The vast majority of these organizations report a positive ROI relative to executive output, quality improvements, cost savings and senior leader turnover. Results like these make it clear that including executive coach training in your leadership development offerings is an investment in the enhanced productivity of every person in your organization, and therefore the organization as a whole.

Leadership coaching training will measurably improve productivity.

When people are coached and mentored, the result is measurable improvement in personal productivity, job satisfaction, morale and motivation. Increased productivity is critical in an economy where old standards of performance no longer apply. If your organization is to become your industry’s leader, everyone in your organization must reach new heights of personal performance and know how to help others do the same. The bottom line: everyone must learn how to coach.

Make coaching a part of your culture with experienced support from AvoLead.

AvoLead’s interactive group coaching training is a product of the executive coaching services we have provided to successful executives all over the world. At AvoLead, we have effectively transitioned the knowledge gained from our work at the executive level into a classroom-based leadership coaching development experience that provides the same intense learning that happens in the context of a well-grounded coaching relationship.

When leaders coach others, they teach others to coach.
A key aspect of leadership is modeling behaviors you’d like to see throughout the organization. You can enhance classroom-based leadership coaching training through the addition of small group and individual executive coaching at the middle and senior executive levels. When your leadership teaches coaching by example, you support your investment in organization-wide executive coach training. At AvoLead, this approach is highly recommended, as you and we know that effective change across an organization begins at the top.

With AvoLead’s classroom-based and individual coaching programs, you can start to make coaching a part of your corporate culture. Imagine what a difference that would make.