Change Management

How adept is your organization at change management?

How leaders approach and manage change is the key to long-term organizational health. When an organization is successful at change management, they are far more likely to survive the rapid market changes so prevalent in business today. Some say the only constant today is change. This is especially true in organizations faced with the excitement and challenge of operating in an ever-changing, global environment.

Change initiatives intended to improve organizational performance have a failure rate above 65%.

Change initiatives don’t fail because the intended change isn’t a good idea; they fail due to poor execution resulting from underestimation of the complexity of how change impacts individuals and organizations. Recent events highlight the critical need for insightful, agile leadership in an organization’s response to rapidly changing market conditions.

When effective change management practices are in place throughout the organization, the probability for successful change is much higher.
In order to effectively manage change, organizations must develop change management as a key competency throughout the organization. Without this competency at all levels of leadership, many change initiatives will never become part of the organizational DNA.

With change management training and consulting from AvoLead, your organization will understand, embrace and effectively implement key changes in the organization.
As your partner in change management, AvoLead can provide the learning model necessary to build effective change management competencies in individuals all across your organization. Leaner organizational structures mean more people must be empowered to lead and manage change. AvoLead can efficiently provide change management instruction to individuals, teams or your entire enterprise.

AvoLead’s customized classroom-based change management leadership training addresses the following key concepts:

  • Dynamics of change
  • Impact of change on both the organization and individuals
  • Importance of planning as well as implementing change
  • Model for insuring 4 key areas of the organization are considered in change initiatives
  • How to effectively lead change

The insights and fresh perspective gained from change management training enables a leader to more effectively navigate change, ensuring the success of every change effort within the organization, no matter how large or small. Make sure the leaders in your organization develop the competencies necessary to lead their teams, departments and organizations through the complex changes typical of today’s world. Partner with AvoLead.