How would your latest senior level hire describe her onboarding experience?

If her contribution is important to your company, you’re hoping the description is positive. If your executive onboarding process is lacking (or worse, non-existent) you’ve already set the stage for lowered productivity, decreased effectiveness and faster turnover. Research shows that a well-structured new employee orientation actually has a positive impact in those three areas, making onboarding at any level an important investment.

At the senior level, effective onboarding and assimilation is critical.

You need your newest senior level hire to be able to do what you hired her to do as quickly as possible. A thoughtful and thorough onboarding process is your first and best chance to make that happen. Whether the person is an internal hire or coming in from the outside, when you make a new executive’s first days and weeks meaningful, relevant and seamless, you accelerate that individual’s arrival to full productivity. The sooner that happens, the sooner you see ROI on the hire.

More than onboarding, AvoLead provides executive assimilation.

At AvoLead, we know that these first weeks and months on the job are critical to long term success. We provide in-depth new hire development services, with a focus on executive onboarding and assimilation. Our services provide your new hire with information they will use for months to come. This information is gathered through confidential, one-on-one interviews with everyone who will work with the new executive – every report, every peer and every supervisor.

“What will your new Senior VP need to know to be successful in this organization?”

“What are the unspoken rules of the road here?” By asking questions like these of each of the people who surround the new executive, AvoLead can create an invaluable document to which the new hire can refer on a daily basis. The benefit to the new hire is clear. The benefit to every employee interviewed is the feeling that he or she is equally valued and has been heard.

Increase the speed to success of your next senior level hire with comprehensive onboarding and assimilation assistance from AvoLead.