Executive Financial Focus

If you don’t understand your organization’s executive financial metrics, how can you help improve its financial performance?

Many senior level executives have managed to run entire business units and build pretty impressive resumes with only a basic understanding of a balance sheet and a few other aspects of executive finance. Even those with MBAs can, over time, get so specialized in their divisional numbers reports that the broader enterprise view (so important to organizational success) can get a little rusty from lack of use. Some wave it off, saying it’s best left to the accountants and those in finance. Others have a passing knowledge but secretly hope no one asks too many questions. In other words, many senior executives could benefit from some executive finance coaching.

The higher you climb in the organization, the larger the implications of an uninformed decision.

Corporate finance coaching won’t make you a finance wizard or an accountant but it will help you better understand the information your Controller gives you. Unless you’re the CFO, no one expects you to understand the minute detail and nuance of every aspect of your organization’s finances. But once you’re at the senior level, you are expected to understand enough to contribute meaningfully to discussions on the organization’s financial strategies and clearly communicate those strategies to stakeholders.

AvoLead’s executive financial coaches can help you decide what information is important and how it relates to organizational performance.

Our former CXOs, accountants and organizational effectiveness coaches are pragmatic and down-to-earth. Along with taking out the jargon, our executive finance coaches help take the mystery out of enterprise-level financials. Your comfort level will increase and you’ll handle the financial piece of the organizational puzzle with greater ease and confidence. Hitting your metrics will be that much sweeter (and easier) when you have a full understanding of the impact on the whole company.