Emotional Intelligence

What’s your EIQ? (That’s Emotional Intelligence Quotient)

A significant amount of research over the last decade indicates that emotional intelligence is a hallmark quality of effective leaders. Google the term and you’ll find any number of free tests offering to help you determine your EIQ. Without the aid of an experienced emotional intelligence coach to help you interpret and apply the results however, the benefit of any such test is extremely limited.

Emotional intelligence, like most human characteristics, is the result of nature and nurture. We are all born with some ability to “read” other’s reactions to us at any given moment. It’s how babies survive. As we grow, some of us develop the ability to do this better than others. When we use this ability to inform our decisions about what to say and do so that others experience us positively, that’s a part of emotional intelligence.

Persuasion, influence, leadership… all these skills can be enhanced through emotional intelligence coaching.

When you improve emotional intelligence, you increase your capacity to act in ways that make it easy for others to do what you need them to. Consider this analogy: companies that put all their focus on a product today because it sold well yesterday, might wake up to find that the consumer is no longer interested enough to buy it tomorrow. The same is true on an individual level. If you never check in emotionally or otherwise with those you manage, how can you know if they are still buying what you’re selling?

Emotional intelligence coaching teaches us to regularly take the emotional temperature of others and ourselves so that we can be more persuasive, have more influence and lead others more effortlessly. It is the ability to constantly adjust our own emotions, behaviors and communication in ways that keep people willingly performing their best on our behalf.

With the help of experienced emotional intelligence coaches from AvoLead, you can improve your emotional intelligence capacity so that you consistently get the best out of yourself and the people you work with, and you can do it with less effort each time. You’ll be happier and more productive and the people who work with you will be happier and more productive. Improved bottom line, happier and more inspired employees—that’s the very definition of win-win.