Conflict Management

When you hear “conflict management,”
what word comes to mind?

If it’s ‘mediation’ or ‘resolution’ then you aren’t seeing the whole picture. While conflict resolution may be the goal in a given situation, conflict isn’t always something to be avoided. AvoLead conflict management coaches know that healthy conflict is essential to creating and harnessing the trust necessary for teams to be effective. This is where conflict management coaching comes into play.

Healthy conflict is a characteristic of highly effective teams.

With appropriate conflict management coaching, organizations can avoid a primary cause of team ineffectiveness. When there is fear of conflict, teams run the risk of not fully exploring problems or solutions. When good conflict resolution management strategies are practiced, problems get more clearly defined and solutions more stringently scrutinized. Problem clarity is essential to a successful solution and a well-vetted solution can help avoid future recurrence of the problem. Better solutions in less time and fewer problems in the future. That’s effective problem solving.

Could a lack of healthy conflict management coaching be hurting your teams’ effectiveness?

If your teams actively avoid conflict under the misguided pretext of “being team players,” your teams’ effectiveness is jeopardized. Trust is vital to a team’s ability to work together efficiently and effectively. Practicing good conflict resolution and management strategies will enhance the team’s ability to build trust among members. These skills enable teams to constructively challenge ideas, systems and processes and then hold each other accountable in ways that make the difference between your organization becoming a market follower or a market leader.

AvoLead provides conflict management coaching for your existing teams, working closely to help each team adopt and practice good team conflict resolution strategies. We provide conflict management coaching for senior executives and team leaders, adding team conflict management to your leadership competencies.

Every service we provide is geared toward organizational success. We help you succeed one individual, one team and one challenge at a time.