Coach the Coach

What if all your employees had an executive coach?

Most likely, personal productivity and organizational performance would be off the charts, along with job satisfaction, morale and innovation. It may not be in the budget to provide executive coaches and mentoring for every employee, but when you provide coach training to your key managers and executives, that’s exactly what you’re doing.

When you invest in executive coaching training, the benefits really do trickle down.

Internal coach training is often called “Coach the Coach.” Companies who provide corporate and executive coach training for key managers and leaders make an investment in more than those individuals. When your leaders know how to lead by coaching, every investment you make in them is returned exponentially through those they coach in return.

Managing is good.
Coaching and mentoring is better.

Executive coach training is becoming more widespread as companies realize the benefits of having leaders who coach and mentor rather than just manage. When a group of individuals who aren’t located in the same facility (or even the same country) are expected to perform effectively as a team, good coaching skills take on renewed importance. Effective business coach training provides the interpersonal and communication skills busy executives and their teams need to be able to effectively motivate and bring out the best in people, one person at a time.

Benefits of internal coaching training include:

  • Turning High Potentials into High Actuals™ in record time
  • Increased productivity and satisfaction of employees thriving under supervisors who effectively coach and motivate
  • Employees learning coaching skills in the process of being effectively coached
  • Coaching becomes part of your corporate culture

If you’d like to provide these transformational benefits to your company, talk to an AvoLead advisor and see just how quickly we can establish an internal coach training and mentoring program at your organization.