Executive Coaching: What could it do for you? What could it do for your team?

Ever wonder what executive coaching could do for you? How about your team? Executive coaching services are usually sought out when executives or their teams need extra help to improve their performance. While commonly thought of as a one-on-one process, executive coaching and mentoring can be equally effective with teams.

The skills that got you promoted are typically not the same ones you need to succeed at the senior level. Enter: The Executive Coach.

It may seem like a cruel joke, but it’s true. The title of the book by executive coach Marshall Goldsmith says it all: What Got You Here Won’t Get You There (Hyperion, 2007). Many successful individual contributors don’t practice the interpersonal skills that characterize successful leaders. With the aid of a dedicated executive coach, you can develop these skills much faster.

You can bridge the gap with executive coaching.

Everyone has experienced a time in life when the challenges we face feel like more than we can handle. Crossroads like these happen naturally in our lifetime and in the life cycle of teams. It is precisely these times when executive coaching can help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

AvoLead executive coaching services accelerate success.

Our coaches have the unique blend of business knowledge, psychological understanding, global perspective on success frameworks and deep expertise in the use of assessment necessary to maximize intense learning that happens in the context of a well-grounded executive coaching relationship.

Is executive coaching worth the investment? Our clients answer a resounding YES!

Executive coaching and mentoring can provide the fastest path to improvement and the quickest ROI for the organization. AvoLead executive coaches have the experience to quickly identify the areas in which coaching will yield significant individual and organizational benefit.

AvoLead can customize a coaching engagement to meet the particular needs of a group or individual. Topics frequently addressed through executive coaching and mentoring include:

Our coaching objective is to be supportive and developmental for the individual while remaining relevant to your business’ strategic objectives and bottom line. We engage our clients through challenge, inspiration and support along with a good dose of humor, respect and good will – all in the effort to develop the trust that allows the executive coaching process to succeed. At AvoLead, we provide coaching resources and tools that enable senior executives to make changes that matter, and the support along the way necessary to make the changes last.

“The ROI on this process was exponential. As a result of the feedback and coaching, I have taken out a lot of wasted time and effort in my leadership style, which I can redirect to winning in the marketplace.” -SVP Sales and Marketing, EMEA , Fortune 500 Company