Is Your Nonprofit Organization LinkedIn Yet?

Many of AvoLead’s clients and professional associates are leaders in various nonprofit organizations (serving as consultants, officers, board members or evangelists). My own nonprofit passion is our area’s local community foundation, so I’m always interested in articles that teach ways to leverage the time and talent of hard-working volunteers or overworked staff.

One of the blogs for nonprofits that I follow is called the Wild Apricot Blog, “dedicated to small associations, member-based organizations and non-profits.” They have had several recent articles about ways that nonprofits can use LinkedIn effectively to increase their online visibility among an important demographic of professional LinkedIn members. In hopes of saving you some research time so you can quickly understand the pros and cons of using LinkedIn for your nonprofit, I’ve listed clickable links for these and some of other relevant articles below with a short summary of each:

“Is Your Organization LinkedIn Yet?” This article discusses using LinkedIn’s relatively new company profile function for nonprofits. Information can be found in LinkedIn’s Learning Centre. The article suggests that creating a LinkedIn organization profile and getting your staff and board members to include links to it on their own personal LinkedIn profiles, can increase Search Engine Optimization and enhance name recognition and credibility.

“How Can Nonprofits Use LinkedIn?”  Podcast from The Chronicle of Philanthropy. This article explores the burgeoning use and benefit of LinkedIn for nonprofit organizations. It especially goes into the significant difference between nonprofit presence on LinkedIn compared to Facebook.

“Are Nonprofits Warming Up to LinkedIn?” by Joanne Fritz.  This article discusses the important differences between LinkedIn and other common social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and shows that the use of various social media tools for nonprofits is an evolving picture.

February Net2 Think Tank Round-up: Using LinkedIn for Change – nonprofit folks shared their experience in using LinkedIn to “create a community around their cause.”

“Should Your Nonprofit Be on LinkedIn?” by Joanne Fritz

“Tips for Using LinkedIn for Nonprofits” by Joanne Fritz

“LinkedIn Sharing: A New Tool for Nonprofit Outreach.” This article discusses the additional Share functionality that LinkedIn has added to their site. Here’s a very short video about this too:


Beth’s Blog by Beth Kanter – “How Networked Nonprofits Are Using Social Media to Power Change.” Beth Kanter is known for her sensible approach to using social media in the nonprofit world.

Bobby’s Blog by Bobby Thalhimer offers “Trends and Issues in Local Philanthropy.” Bobby is senior vice president of advancement for The Community Foundation in Richmond and has been a generous mentor to many young and growing charitable organizations.

Social Media for Nonprofits is a reputable LinkedIn Group where those interested in nonprofit management can learn and share.

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