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AvoLead Announces the Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile™





Avolead LLC is pleased to introduce the Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile™ (EMP) self-report tool. AvoLead Client Engagement Director, Jennifer Hall, Ph.D., co-authored the instrument, which was developed by the Leadership Development Institute at Eckerd College. Read more about Dr. Hall here.

Based on extensive research, the EMP is designed to help corporate leaders, students and entrepreneurs assess the degree to which they are utilizing an “entrepreneurial mindset.” The tool measures 14 scales, assessing personality characteristics and motivations, as well as cognitive and behavioral skills critical to entrepreneurial success. The EMP provides a feedback report and a thorough Development Guide that includes interpretive material about each of the 14 scales, suggestions for development, recommended resources and action planning guidelines.

Learn more about the EMP and how AvoLead consultants can help your employees make the most of their entrepreneurial capacity.

It Takes Courage To Leave

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AvoLead Announces New Associates

As 2015 gets underway, we are pleased to announce several outstanding new associates to the AvoLead LLC team.

Craig Jones, VP Business Development

Having contributed significantly to the top and bottom line of global organizations he leads, Craig understands the value of investing in people and how to build high performing teams. Responsible for the creation of new departments designed to tap into new markets, he has been chosen to lead several startups within the companies where he has worked. Meet Craig here.

And, with our continued emphasis on being a global provider to our growing client roster, AvoLead announces six new Client Engagement Directors:

Melody H. Clodfelter, Ed.D., High Point, North Carolina, USA

Melody has developed leaders in a variety of organizations and settings. She has also worked in public policy roles with elected and appointed educational, governmental and non-profit boards. Learn more about Melody here.

Diana Danu, Bucharest, Romania

Diana consults with AvoLead clients on public relations, language translation, marketing and media management. Fluent in Romanian, Russian, English and Spanish, her experience as a former press officer and public relations manager for the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova is valuable to leaders in Eastern Europe and to multi-national companies. Read more about Diana here.

Jennifer Hall, Ph.D., St. Pete Beach, Florida, USA

Jen is an experienced leader, coach, leadership trainer and author. Trained and licensed as a clinical psychologist, she blends a genuine concern for individuals and the lives they create for themselves with a pragmatic appreciation for bottom-line business results. Learn more about Jen here.

Larry Osborne, Ed.D., Greensboro, North Carolina, USA

Larry is an executive coach and small group facilitator. His expertise includes executive leader assessment and coaching, change leadership and building leadership teams. He approaches coaching as a partnership with the intent to achieve both client fulfillment and organizational success. Read more about Larry here.

Tess Tholstrup, Perth, Western Australia

Tess is an experienced organizational psychologist specializing in working with individuals, leadership teams and organizations. Her work spans a wide variety of industry sectors, levels within organizations and countries. Learn more about Tess here.

Tammi S. Wheeler, Portland, Oregon, USA

Tammi is an executive leadership coach, facilitator and organizational consultant. Her diverse experience includes serving start-ups and Fortune 500 firms in healthcare, high-tech, manufacturing, retail, natural resources, government, financial services and higher education. Read more about Tammi here.

Every AvoLead associate combines knowledge of individual and organizational effectiveness with considerable business experience to make a real difference in the “speed-to-success” of leaders and organizations around the globe.