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Tweeting our way to Leadership Learning

AvoLead has been busy…too busy, in fact, to pay much attention to Twitter until recently. Seeing the error of our ways–and in the spirit of Evolution Leadership (e.g., embracing change)–our intrepid co-founder, Sarah Albritton, with the help of her faithful sidekick Elizabeth (that would be me), have taken the plunge and activated our Twitter account. So please connect with us by Following AvoLead/Sarah on Twitter!

We will waste neither your time nor ours, but we understand that there are those who find this to be a fast, easy, and effective way to get out information bytes in a timely manner.  And we’ll also share thoughts and quotes from time to time that speak to personal and professional growth and leadership.

For those who are still under the impression that Twitter is a waste of time, I suggest that it certainly can be if you let it or if you tweet with wild abandon and lack of consideration for your audience. It is, however, a remarkable tool for engaging in — or starting — conversations with like-minded people and making connections with clients and potential clients. But a Leadership tool? Yes…because before you can Lead, you have to Connect, and Twitter is just one more way to connect with the people in your industry who are already having conversations with you!

So AvoLeaders and friends of AvoLead, please be sure to Follow Us on Twitter and we’ll follow you back!

Let the tweets begin!