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Hidden dangers in playing to strengths

Our thanks to Preston Yarborough, Innovation Associate, Research and Development at Kaplan DeVries, Inc., for giving AvoLead permission to share the content of the email and attachment below he sent recently to colleagues:


“For nearly a decade the idea of maximizing strengths rather than fixing weaknesses has captivated HR professionals, coaches, and managers alike. What fueled this trend? What unintended consequences could result?  For answers to these questions, the Center for Creative Leadership recently interviewed Rob Kaiser.

“Kaiser’s latest book, The Perils of Accentuating the Positive (HoganPress), explains the rest of what you need to know about strengths-based development. In this book, Kaiser assembled a host of thought leaders who shared concerns about focusing on strengths while ignoring weaknesses.

“The CCL interview addresses the popularity and appeal of strengths-based development, the dangers of focusing only on strengths, and the important role of strengths, weaknesses, and continuous learning in leadership development. See attached for a transcript of the interview.


Preston Yarborough
The Leadership Versatility Index (LVI) Team”