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Participant Reactions to “Take 5”

Last week was a fantastic gathering of Leadership, Coaching and Organizational Development professionals from all over the US and England.

Barbara Giemza shared her reactions with us (below) and we want to hear your reactions to “Take 5”:
Barbara wrote:

I expect you all (Avolead) are digging out from under after being “out of pocket” all week, so will be brief with the promise of more when I see you again. I mainly want to thank you and AvoLead for a fabulous week of learning and camaraderie. I walked away with so much and appreciate all it took for AvoLead to negotiate and coordinate to make it all happen. From great assessments to passionate presenters, it was all so very well done.
Thank you. I look forward to the future in eager anticipation!
Now, let us hear from you. Thanks for all you did (individually and collectively) to make it a great week.