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Take Five Plus: Opportunities in Extremes

AvoLead is going to extremes to offer you the training opportunity of the decade – 5 instrument certifications in 4 days plus qualification to purchase and use the Change Style Indicator® at roughly HALF the cost of what you would pay elsewhere. TAKE FIVE Plus is full-fledged certification / qualification training enabling you to pack your chute for the next wave of the economy.

Important Details:

  • Early Registration
    for 3% Discount Ends: May 1, 2009
  • Registration Ends:
    May 10, 2009
  • Event Date:
    May 26 – 29, 2009
  • Phase II:
    Phase II requirements must be completed by May 31, 2010.
  • Location:
    Discovery Learning,
    Inc. 431 Spring Garden St. Suite 100,
    Greensboro NC 27401
  • Hotel Accomodation:
    See our recommendations.

Your TAKE FIVE opportunities include:

  • your choice of attending all 4 days for training in the instruments offered or choose only the particular instruments you need
  • the benefit of receiving training led by the author of the instrument or one who learned directly from the authors
  • condensed, fast-paced, high level training for professional coaches and those experienced with interpreting tools and giving feedback
  • time to network among seasoned professionals and connect with peers during breakfasts, lunches and evening socials which are all included in your registration fees

Certifications/Qualifications Offered:

Paper Planes, Inc. (PPI) and Change Style Indicator (CSI)

  • Paper Planes, Inc. ® – An innovative business simulation that quickly reveals barriers to organizational success while providing insights into creative solutions and teamwork in business. Download the certification process flow diagram to see additional steps required to complete certification by May 31, 2010.
  • Change Style Indicator® – Qualification to purchase and use this assessment instrument designed to measure your preferred style in approaching change and dealing with situations involving change.

Execution Priorities Inventory (ECI) and Leadership Spectrum Profile (LSP)

  • Execution Priorities Inventory® – This new tool identifies your execution priorities – the goals, actions and results that are currently the most critical for successful execution.
  • Leadership Spectrum Profile® (LSP) – Reveals and assesses real business external challenges such as gaining customers and meeting their expectations, and internal challenges such as allocating resources, setting direction and developing people.

Leadership Versatility Index (LVI)

  • Leadership Versatility Index® (LVI) – A patented 360 degree tool based on a leadership model that accounts for the complexities of the executive’s role and provides pinpointed advice on how leaders can improve. Price includes Phase I (the course) and II (the practicum) of certification.

Hogan Leadership Forecast Series

  • Hogan Leadership Forecast Series® – Three assessments that provide in-depth evaluation of leadership competencies, potential career derailers and individual motivating values.

All Five Certifications plus CSI Qualification

  • Includes all five certifications plus CSI qualification: Paper Planes, Inc. (PPI) and Change Style Indicator (CSI), Execution Priorities Inventory (ECI) and Leadership Spectrum Profile (LSP), Leadership Versatility Index (LVI), Hogan Leadership Forecast Series

Bonus Offering: On Friday afternoon Rob Kaiser co-author of the LVI and Stephanie Callison, Senior Consultant with Hogan Assessment Systems will do a joint session on using the LVI and Hogan together for a unique and powerful coaching process!
Free for any LVI or Hogan registrant!

Space is limited to 25 participants so enroll today to reserve your spot!

Take Five: Opportunities in Extremes Flyer

You may view or download the Take Five: Opportunities in Extremes Flyer.

The PPI Certification Process

You may view or download the PPI Certification Process Slide.

A Twist on Pay for Performance in a Down Economy

Most of us agree that Pay for Performance is a good thing – at least those of us who consider ourselves high performers. We like the idea that if we perform, we reap the rewards. We want to know that the employee who shops online during work hours and delivers mediocre results does not receive the same monetary rewards as those of us who regularly exceed expectations.

However, in our current down economy, many employers are holding off delivering bonuses and incentives to all employees, including high performers. In fact, if they are giving any monetary incentive at all, they are taking the “peanut butter” approach of offering the same incentive across the board. Even with salary cuts, many organizations are cutting equally across the organization. None of these approaches engage and motivate the high performers – the ones who are capable of navigating your business through these tough economic times to come out successful on the other side.

To this end, I heard a rather novel idea the other day I want to pass along for your reaction. Why not take the same organizational approach to salary reductions and performance incentives in good times and apply them in a down economy? In other words, if an organization is cutting salaries, low performers take more of a hit than high performers. This would send a powerful message throughout organizations – one the high performers would appreciate and which would still preserve an element of incentive for their effort. Your thoughts?