Collin Rustin

AvoLead Member Owner

  • Class Facilitator
  • Board Certified Coach
  • Durham NC, USA


  • English

Collin serves AvoLead clients as an executive coach, classroom facilitator, and mediator. With his inspiring personality, Collin works with leaders to manage conflict and reduce the tensions that often occur among teams with members from different ethnic groups or business units. His coaching helps managers learn to better assess situations, offer meaningful team challenges and support employees in developing their skills.

With more than 25 years experience in leadership and human resources management, Collin believes that successful leaders are driven to increase effective behaviors. His coaching process does not require in-depth analysis of the past. Instead, Collin focuses on making connections to help leaders exhibit behaviors that will benefit and inspire others.

Collin is President for Rustin & Associates Management Consultants, working with businesses, community organizations and governmental agencies to improve productivity and manage conflict. He is also an adjunct faculty member at the Center for Creative Leadership, where he provides executive coaching and training, globally, to for-profit and non-profit organizations.

Previously, Collin was Director of Human Resource Counseling Services at UNC Chapel Hill where he managed the university’s Grievance Process. He and his team mediated all conflicts among managers, staff and employees. This expertise earned Collin the title of regional director of the National Coalition Building Institute, an organization that develops leaders who value diversity, take principled stands and excel at initiating inter-group cooperation. Collin has led diversity workshops in many communities throughout the U.S.

A Board Certified Coach (BCC), Collin received his B.A. in Psychology and M.A. in Public Administration from the University of North Carolina.

He and his wife Carol, a licensed psychologist, live in Durham, NC, with their dog Kona, and cat Sadie. A cancer survivor, Collin is committed to work-life balance. He enjoys golf, gardening and listening to music. When traveling, he enjoys discovering new information, personalities and concepts along the journey.

What clients have said to Collin about their experience with him:

“When facilitating, Collin is in tune with the dynamics of a room, and is not afraid to change direction when necessary. He’s insightful, passionate, and most of all professional. We would have him back in a heartbeat!” —Jenny Berube, Human Resources Manager, Mullen

“Collin made me feel at ease and I had no reservations about expressing my feelings. Collin listened to my ideas and then gave me some pointers to help me see other ways of approaching my peers, direct reports and my boss. This session was huge for me. His insights and suggestions were so helpful in getting me to consider a different approach than I am used to taking. He encouraged me to listen more and ask more questions.” —Michele Gough, Manager, Office Systems, Amerisource Bergen

“After a day with Collin Rustin a frequent comment I hear is, ‘I know the stranger I just met this morning better than the person I have been sitting next to for ten years.’ Collin creates the most trusting environment so that individuals are inspired to open their hearts, expose their fears, and by the end of the day, celebrate their similarities. He has the gift for building authentic relationships in one day.  He is the best.” – Winkie La Force
Executive Director, Leadership Triangle

“Collin provided a thorough explanation of the data and shared thoughtful advice. It was clear that he studied my information. He identified areas I thought were a problem but might not be. Collin understood what I do and bought clarity to the materials. I now have a mission.” —Bill Henry, Resource Manager, US Army Forces Command

“In Leadership Winston-Salem’s nine-month program, Human Relations Day is one
of our most important, and perhaps most challenging, program days. Yet Collin Rustin has a way of quickly getting 50 people into a space of trust, openness, and crucial dialog that surpasses anything else I’ve seen. From that space, leaders are able to naturally take a significant step in deeper understanding of each other while becoming aware of their own assumptions and biases. Collin’s facilitation style continually fosters mutual respect while also nudging people to be authentic.” —Jo Ellen Carson, Executive Director, Leadership Winston-Salem