Coaching and Talent Development: Wake Forest Basketball

Wake Forest University’s Men’s Basketball team will likely be ranked #1 in the country when the new polls are published (only the second in school history). They displayed toughness, poise, and confidence in their win over Clemson this past Saturday. Dino Gaudio and the rest of his coaching staff are responsible for Wake’s return to the national spotlight in basketball. But magical thinking is not how they arrived at this point. Skip Prosser and Dino had a vision and a strategy before Skip’s death. A critical foundation was the right combination of players. Clarity around their “talent needs” drove their recruiting efforts. They were able to recruit some of the most highly sought after players across the nation for the 2008/09 freshman class. But it’s not just about the talent in the freshman class, it’s also combining those players with the best of what they already had, and constantly assessing, planning, and adjusting every year around that talent. Which brings me to the question: How well do corporate leaders proactively recruit for the constantly shifting talent needs on their teams?

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