Charles Eakes

AvoLead President & Board Chair

  • AvoLead Founder
  • Durham NC, USA


  • English

Charles leads AvoLead LLC as President and Chairman of the Board of Managers. His vision for AvoLead was to create a talented team of experts to identify and selectively develop future Hall of Fame leaders. The AvoLead team is comprised of proven mentors, coaches and facilitators to guide leaders and their organizations through the waters of transition – mergers, acquisitions, dramatic growth, turnarounds and rapid downsizing to adjust and adapt to market conditions and situations. AvoLead delivers value by helping leaders focus and achieve individual and organizational excellence every day. The result is a lasting and significant improvement for the leaders and a measurable ROI for their organizations. Charles’ vision continues to be fueled by his abilities to connect, attract and inspire professionals to solve complex problems and challenges.

An early innovator in solar energy and sustainability, Charles owned and led several alternative energy and construction companies from 1977 to 1996. During his subsequent ten-year affiliation with the Center for Creative Leadership, he coached national and global leaders in diverse industries, higher education, healthcare, non-profit organizations and the military. With a U.S. Navy Commodore, Charles developed the pilot program to coach and mentor nuclear submarine commanders to accelerate their leadership development and emotional intelligence.

A Board Certified Coach (BCC), Charles earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Davidson College where he received the Wall Street Journal Excellence Award.

He and his wife Emma live near Research Triangle Park, NC. Together with their five adult children and spouses, they work to make a difference in their communities. In line with his vision to help others grow, you would find Charles working in his garden during his spare time, or enjoying his hobbies of golf, dancing and photography.

What clients have said to Charles about their experience with him:

“Those three hours remain fixed in my mind as the singularly most developmental experience I’ve ever had. As you well know, I’ve experienced many powerful things that have made me who I am, but nothing else has ever so clearly allowed me to see why I am the way I am. Thank you for that experience. I continue to work on my goals and a couple of my subordinates have made comments like ‘hey sir, that leadership thing you did must really be working.’ I just chuckle to myself. It really is true that a slight modification in behavior produces noticeable results in how one is perceived. My commander has asked me to put together a professional development class for the field grade officers of our brigade based on my experiences.” –Officer, U.S. Military

“Your insight, support and excitement about my future prospects were energizing. I am so lucky to have gotten you, a business professional, who has been there and done it.” –Executive, Industrial Hygiene Manufacturer

“Let me take this as an opportunity once again, to thank you for helping me to get my life back.” –Organizational Development Executive, Pharmaceutical Company

“Thank you for your kind words of encouragement…what a unique and special individual you are – sure you’re an extraordinary professional coach, and you’re also much more. No matter what happens in my life, I believe and sincerely hope that I will have a relationship with you for many years to come.” –Vice President, Automotive Manufacturer

“I truly want to thank you for your patience, compassion, and experience that you so graciously shared with me last week…I have had people come up to me this week and remark about the “glow” that surrounds me and how happy I appear to them. I have also dealt with a couple of very difficult employee situations and come out with a win-win for all. I will continue this effort until it becomes who I Am.” – Executive, Media Publisher