Change Readiness Gauge®

Change Readiness Gauge®

The Change Readiness Gauge® is an organizational survey developed by Discovery Learning that can be used to assess and quantify a team or organization’s ability to identify, accept, respond to and implement change.

The Change Readiness Gauge® confidentially gathers perspectives and opinions from individuals on a team or throughout an entire organization through an online 40-item survey. The items are based on four frames of reference for assessing, planning and implementing change: change awareness, change agility, change reaction and change mechanisms, offering a unique approach to organizational change readiness. Creating custom demographics allows results by subgroups such as departments and locations. This flexible composite reporting provides multiple data views for the survey items.

The Change Readiness Gauge® can be used to effectively:

  • Identify potential barriers to the success of change initiatives while also providing insight into what is working well.
  • Evaluate an organization’s preparedness to compete in a changing environment.
  • Assess and quantify an organization’s change readiness.
  • Align leadership on the most important organizational change issues.
  • Develop a shared understanding of change readiness.
  • Create benchmarks and measures at the start of a change initiative.

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Change Readiness Gauge® is a registered trademark of Discovery Learning Inc.