TAIS for High Performance Athletes

The Attentional Interpersonal
Style Inventory (TAIS) for
High Performance Athletes

Now you can benefit from the same performance enhancement methods utilized by elite and Olympic athletes around the world. No matter what your position or sport, you must be able to focus effectively. Pressure can distract you and keep you from playing your best.

It’s not enough to have great equipment, nutrition, or coaching. The Power Mind™ program is designed especially to improve your MENTAL FITNESS—the key to transforming effort into success.

  • Determine your specific concentration strengths and weaknesses with the most sophisticated performance enhancement assessment of its kind.
  • Receive comprehensive feedback on your performance profile from a Winning Mind coach.
  • Compare your mental game with the best athletes in the world.

Develop an action plan to:

  • Understand how to prevent mental errors… before they occur. Recover from mistakes… and get back into your game. Get into THE ZONE.
  • The Winning Mind approach was developed by some of the world’s leading Sport Psychologists and is used today by Professional and Olympic athletes throughout the world.

“In professional tennis, the ability to focus, compete and perform under pressure separates great players from the rest. It has been said that tennis is 80-90% mental yet most players spend only a fraction of their time training their minds.  TAIS from Winning Mind has taught me how to work as hard on my mental game as I do on the physical and technical components of my game. I’ve learned techniques that have improved my focus and mental toughness on the court– techniques that I can apply no matter what the situation.”