Strong Interest Inventory®

Strong Interest Inventory® Assessment

strongThe Strong Interest Inventory® assessments provide time-tested and research-validated insights to help clients in their search for a rich, fulfilling career. The Strong generates an in-depth assessment of clients’ interests among a broad range of occupations, work and leisure activities, and educational subjects. It presents results on a variety of complementary themes and scales:

  • General Occupational Themes map out broad interest patterns to describe personalities and preferred work environments.
  • Basic Interest Scales provide more specific information about the client’s areas of interest.
  • Occupational Scales relate the client’s interest patterns to those of satisfied workers within the occupation.
  • Personal Style Scales describe the client’s preferred style of working, learning, leading, risk-taking, and team participation.

Now available is a report that combines the Strong Interest Inventory® with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®. The combined report provides all of the information of the original Strong, as well as combined Strong/MBTI themes such as preferred work environments, specific occupations within career fields, and career management strategies. Professional assessment and feedback by AvoLead’s career coaches will help you define and navigate a successful career track.

Strong Interest Inventory® is a registered trademark of CPP, Inc.