Influence Style Indicator™

Influence Style Indicator®

The Influence Style Indicator® is a self-rating leadership assessment developed by Discovery Learning designed to identify an individual’s preferred influencing style and create awareness of all five influencing styles available.

The Influence Style Indicator® uses 40 items to establish a raw score on five influence styles, which are Rationalizing, Asserting, Negotiating, Inspiring and Bridging. The results identify one’s dominant, secondary and underutilized styles. Executives and leaders wield enormous personal and professional influence on peers and employees, but if they are unaware of their preferred Influence Style and the ways they should best engage others with styles different from their own, they may be seriously minimizing their influence potential. The Influence Style Indicator® helps leaders gain awareness of five influencing styles including their own, in order to increase their style flexibility and improve overall effectiveness. The assessment provides individuals with a personalized feedback report booklet based on their unique influencing preferences that addresses individual strengths and challenges, explains how to address underutilized styles, and provides tips for using all the influence styles more effectively.

The Influence Style Indicator® can be used to:

  • Educate leaders about the five unique influencing styles, including their own.
  • Help leaders understand when his or her personal style is best used and the potential pitfalls of that style.
  • Examine what each chosen influence style looks like to others.
  • Improve a leader’s effectiveness by helping him or her become comfortable using a variety of influencing styles.
  • Demonstrate how timing and discretion are important considerations in influencing.
  • Raise awareness of how understanding influencing styles can impact organizational decision making.
  • Help leaders look beyond his or her personal style to understand the preferred styles of others and how that makes them more effective.

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Influence Style Indicator® is a registered trademark of Discovery Learning Inc.