Group Styles Inventory™

Group Styles Inventory™ Assessment

group-styles-inventoryThe Group Styles Inventory™ or GSI™ is a team-based assessment that measures how well a group makes decisions together. Specifically, the GSI diagnostic measure consists of 72 statements that describe the working climate during the assessment session; the various kinds of behavior exhibited by team members during the assessment; and the expected impact on the team as a whole by individual team members.

GSI™ statements measure 12 Group Styles. Some styles are constructive and lead to decisions to which team members are strongly committed. Other styles are counterproductive, and lead to decisions of poor quality for which there is marginal team member support. After individuals complete the GSI, scores are plotted on a circular graph to complete the “Human Synergistics Circumplex,” which shows how the group worked together to complete the task. Combined scores result in a Group Profile.

By using the circumplex, the GSI™ assessment provides a common language linking individual, group and organizational development efforts.

Used by AvoLead in conjunction with a group problem-solving simulation, the GSI™ provides significant practical insight to group functioning, allowing the group to focus its efforts precisely on where improvement is needed.