Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile

Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile™

Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile

The Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile™ (EMP) is a self-report tool developed by the Leadership Development Institute at Eckerd College to help corporate leaders, students and entrepreneurs assess the degree to which they are utilizing an “entrepreneurial mindset.” Based on extensive research, the EMP measures 14 scales that fall within two broad domains; seven of the scales assess personality characteristics and motivations that have been found to distinguish entrepreneurs from non-entrepreneurs, and the other seven assess cognitive and behavioral skills critical to entrepreneurial success. The feedback report compares an individual’s or group’s scores on these 14 scales to exclusive normative data from entrepreneurs and corporate managers.

The EMP provides an initial “benchmark” to help individuals and groups to

  • Understand both the concept of entrepreneurial mindset as well as their own unique profiles,
  • Leverage their entrepreneurial strengths and target areas of development, and
  • Accelerate innovation, creativity and growth leadership.

Accompanying each EMP feedback report is a thorough Development Guide which includes interpretive material about each of the 14 scales, suggestions for development, recommended resources and action planning guidelines.

The EMP can be used with individuals at all levels and in different types of organizations. Given the emphasis on growth and innovation in today’s business world, the EMP is especially well-suited for leadership, team and career development.

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