BarOn EQi®

BarOn EQ-i® Assessment

baron-eq-iBased on more than 20 years of research worldwide, the BarOn EQ-i® inventory examines an individual’s emotional and social strengths and weaknesses. Once the areas that need improvement have been identified, the client can immediately begin exploring and developing those areas. At the same time, areas where the client excels can be used to his or her full potential to maximize effectiveness in daily tasks.

The BarOn EQ-i® has been proven to be useful when working on helping individuals to understand their own behaviors and to identify the behaviors that have the most positive impact on performance. Work in sales teams using the profiling tool has shown that there is a correlation between sales success and some of the EQ-i composite scales and subscales, suggesting that development work on these areas can have an impact on job performance.

Ultimately, being emotionally and socially intelligent means to effectively manage personal, social and environmental change by realistically and flexibly coping with the immediate situation, solving problems and making decisions. To do this, we need to manage emotions so that they work for us and not against us, and we need to be sufficiently positive, optimistic and self-motivated.

At AvoLead we can assist you by enhancing emotional intelligence in your organization by using the BarOn EQ-i self-test for self-awareness, leadership development, coaching and succession planning.

EQ-i® is the Registered Trademark of Dr. Reuven BarOn