Hogan™ Assessment System

Hogan™ Assessment Systems – The Leadership Forecast Series

hogan-assessment-systemHoganTM is a powerful tool for developing leaders and is an essential ingredient in identifying and growing future leaders. Hogan assessments provide in-depth evaluation of leadership competencies, potential career derailers, and individual values. The Hogan assessments include a variety of scales that create profiles to reveal a person’s competencies, values, and leadership characteristics, helping HR and senior management understand the underlying sources of employees’ (and potential employees’) behaviors. Data from the assessments produce easy-to-read reports that contain recommendations for development and hiring.

At AvoLead we pair these insightful reports with a powerful 360 assessment to help our clients make decisions regarding their career growth and development.

Hogan™ Personality Inventory (HPI™)

The Bright Side of Personality
The Hogan Personality Inventory™, or HPI™ identifies the bright side of the personality – what we see when people are at their best. Different characteristics are important for success in different jobs, and characteristics that are important in one job may interfere with performance in others. The Hogan Personality Inventory™ evaluates people on seven well-known dimensions or characteristics that influence occupational success.

Hogan Assessment Systems delivers the results of the Hogan Personality Inventory in several interpretative reports. The reports provide a  detailed HPI graph with definitions of the seven dimensions and can also provide the following information:

  • Identifies how the candidate is likely to act in various circumstances
  • Notes strengths and shortcomings
  • Makes suggestions about how to manage the individual’s career
  • Pinpoints characteristics relevant for success in most work environments
  • Identifies suitability for the position
  • Notes interview style
  • Provides a graphic report of the candidate’s assessment results
  • Summarizes the recommendation for job fit and potential hiring
  • Classifies candidates as high fit, moderate fit, or low fit

Hogan™ Development Survey™ (HDS™)

The Dark Side of Personality
The Hogan Development Survey™, or HDS™, assesses 11 behavioral tendencies that impede work relationships, hinder productivity, or limit overall career potential. These career derailers – deeply ingrained in personality traits – affect an individual’s leadership style and actions. When under pressure, most people will display certain counterproductive tendencies or risk factors. Under normal circumstances these characteristics may actually be strengths. However, when an individual is tired, pressured, bored or otherwise distracted, these risk factors may impede effectiveness and erode the quality of relationships with customers and colleagues. The Hogan Development Survey identifies tendencies that are often referred to as the dark side of the personality – what we see when people are stressed.

The Hogan Development Survey™ assessments provide valuable feedback for strategic self-awareness, which is the key to avoiding the negative consequences associated with these tendencies. The Hogan Development Survey™ is the only business-related inventory that measures these dysfunctional behavioral patterns.

The report provides a detailed HDS graph with definitions of the eleven dimensions and can also provide the following information:

  • Provides insights about the candidate’s behavior that could potentially undermine or inhibit performance
  • Offers suggestions for leading more effectively
  • Identifies factors that detract from the candidate’s ability to perform as a leader
  • Pinpoints risk factors that may impede effectiveness and erode the quality of relationships
  • Provides scale-by-scale interpretation of scores
  • Provides developmental recommendations for high risk zones
  • Provides a graphic report of the candidate’s assessment results
  • Summarizes leadership challenges and provides ideas for moderating them

Hogan™ Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory™ – MVPI™

The Inside of Personality
The Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory™, or MVPI™, reveals a person’s core values, goals and interests. This is invaluable information for determining the kinds of environments in which the person will perform best, and the kind of culture the person will create as a leader. Organizations can use this information to ensure that a new hire’s values are consistent with those of the organization. The Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory can also help diagnose areas of compatibility and conflict among team members. These ten core values, goals, and activities are part of a person’s identity. Consequently, they are a person’s key drivers – they are what a person desires and strives to attain. People’s values also influence their choice of jobs and careers. People like others who share their values and prefer to work in jobs that support their values. The Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory is an excellent tool to determine how well a person will fit with a job and with a team, department, or organization. The inventory offers many unique features:

  • Provides a comprehensive, business-based taxonomy of values
  • Evaluates the fit between a person’s values and an organization’s culture
  • Predicts both occupational success and job satisfaction
  • Used for selection or development
  • Also used to describe the work environments created by leaders

HPI™, HDS™ and MVPI™ are registered trademarks of Hogan Assessment Systems, Inc.