Leadership Versatility Index®

Leadership Versatility Index® Assessment

Are you a versatile leader? Can you assess the current situation and make the shift easily from operational to strategic and back again? From forceful to empowering and back again? Utilizing the patented 360 Leadership Versatility Index®, or LVI®, AvoLead can help you identify what leadership skills those around you say you’re using in just the right amount, too much or too little. Combining the LVI® with a variety of other leadership and personality assessments, we’ll help you identify your strengths, strengths overdone, and growth opportunities and coach you through developing the action plans necessary to take your career to the next level.

Increasing the self-awareness of versatility of each team member and integrating that with team acceleration efforts has been proven effective in teams of every description.

The Leadership Versatility Index® is the thinking manager’s feedback survey.

It is based on a leadership model that offers a simple, compact framework to account for the complexities of the manager’s job—the tensions and trade-offs, the balances to be struck. It covers both the interpersonal aspects of leading with the forceful-enabling duality as well as the business side with the strategic-operational duality.

Because of its validity, brevity, and focus, the LVI® is effective as a stand-alone assessment as well as part of a larger assessment battery. Some organizations use it to supplement their own in-house 360s.

The consultants at AvoLead are skilled at using the LVI® to propel leaders to the next level of performance.

The Leadership Versatility Index is a registered trademark of Kaplan DeVries Inc and the method of assessment used by the Leadership Versatility Index© is protected by U.S. Patent No. 7,121,830.