The Leadership Circle Profile™

The Leadership Circle Profile (TLCP) is a breakthrough 360 assessment.

According to its creator Bob Anderson: The Leadership Circle Profile is designed to integrate many of the best theoretical frameworks from the Leadership, Adult Development, Psychological and Spiritual bodies of knowledge. TLCP has a rich and integrated theory base allowing practitioners to use multiple frameworks that help the client connect the data to deeper insight. The Leadership Circle Profile is designed to measure behavior and assumptions simultaneously. TLCP connects patterns of leadership behavior with habits of thoughts. TLCP measures inner assumptions, well researched by cognitive psychologists (Burns, Ellis), that are giving rise to high and low 360 results. TLCP helps clients get beneath the behavior to the automatic thought processes that underlie behavior. It facilitates far deeper insight, and as a result, more possibility for transformation…

One of the primary reasons for greater transformation with TLCP is in the presentation of data to the client. While most 360 tools display data as a sequential list of competencies, TLCP uniquely organizes information in a high impact way so that the client immediately begins to inquire into the interrelationships between behaviors: