Discovery Leadership Profile™

Discovery Leadership Profile™

The Discovery Leadership Profile™ is a 360-degree multi-rater leadership assessment developed by Discovery Learning that provides leaders and managers with feedback on how their specific management practices are perceived by others.

The Discovery Leadership Profile™ gathers perspectives and opinions from the individual leader and up to 17 selected raters regarding leadership performance on competencies essential for effective leadership. Raters can include boss(es), peers, direct reports and others. Based on research that identifies competencies critical for effective leadership at all levels, performance is measured by responses to 40 items divided into 10 categories. The confidential and aggregated responses of raters are compared to the self-assessment of the leader in a color graph that clearly highlights the individual’s leadership strengths and developmental needs. The highly effective assessment includes a participant workbook, Maximizing Results, and a 12-week goal-setting Plus component which provides the leader with a follow-up report on improvement on up to five goals and overall effectiveness. Both are designed to aid the leader in implementing necessary and lasting behavior changes identified by the feedback.

The Discovery Leadership Profile™ can be used to:

  • Enable leaders to learn how others, who are important to their success, see their leadership performance.
  • Compare self-perception to the perceptions of others.
  • Establish a common model for leadership effectiveness.
  • Create a common framework among organizational leaders of the skills and leadership competencies that are critical for success in that organization and/or industry.
  • Benchmark individual leadership performance.
  • Identify strengths and developmental needs of managers in 10 categories identified as important for effective leadership.
  • Create a plan for addressing leadership development needs.

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Discovery Leadership Profile™ is a trademark of Discovery Learning Inc.